Yearly Archives: 2015

Viral and other bullshit

Some days ago while browsing Reddit i spotted a couple of pictures that intrigued me. They were pictures of some short of a video wall installation that had just bluescreened in a mall, in Thailand. Due to my interest in BSODs, i found them amusing and without overthinking it, i tweeted them to the myriads of my followers (..a whopping number of about 200 at the time). An awesome BSOD […]

Responsible disclosure

Myriads of words have been written on the matter of responsible (or coordinated) disclosure. Tweets, mails, posts, sites, irc chat logs, you name it. Bottom line as i see it? It’s hard. “No shit Captain Obvious” you say?  You’re right. To make things even more complicated, there’s the Wassenaar arrangement and the cyberweapons addition to its list last year. And it’s not that you’re actually obliged by law to disclose to anyone if you […]

A Tale of two iPhones

Κυριακη 5 Απριλιου. Τρεξιμο στα 10km του Διεθνη Μαραθωνιου Μεγας Αλεξανδρος μετα συνοδειας. Ξυπνημα στις 6.45 τσεκ, ντυσιμο τσεκ, αριθμος συμμετοχης με το ενσωματωμενο RFID τσεκ, ενα iPhone εκαστος με φορτωμενα 2-3 κανουρια podcasts για τη διαδρομη, το Endomondo σε αναμονη και βουρ για τους Αμπελοκηπους και την αφετηρια του αγωνα. Τι σχεση εχουν ολα αυτα με το παρακατω tweet? Note to self: Destroying two iPhones in one day is possible. — […]