The Mandriva 2007 Powerpack+ Adventure

I installed Mandriva 2007 Powerpack+ last night.I installed almost everything (except extra enviroments besides kde and gnome).It took a while on my old station,about 1.30 hours on a pentium III,512 sdram.It has a really easy install system and dualbooted up nicelly.For a while i poked around,it has everything preinstalled(win codecs,xvid,divx,cedega…even fallout(which didnt installed but i guess it was my dvds to blame).No updates/internet connection available on that computer and thats why i wanted to test madriva on it and get everything working from the start,no extra installations needed.I also tried for the same reasons sabayon 3.3,but i couldnt get it past 480×320 resolution and since i had no driver available to install at that time i farewell it.Maybe in the near future..
While installing i was asked if i wanted to install a driver for the geforce II mx 400 on it(nice!3d working from first boot!),but i passed,just to install the driver manually.So,while trying to install the one i had handy (8756),after reboot i got this
(EE) Failed to load module “glx” (a required submodule could not be loaded, 0)
(EE) Failed to load module “nvidia” (module does not exist, 0)
(EE) No devices detected.

Fatal server error:
no screens found
XIO: fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server “:0.0”
after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

Since i m no linux guru,i tried the only thing that crossed my mind,open xorg.conf in vim and edit one particular line

Driver”nv” to Driver”nvidia”

To my dissapoinment mandriva(or the driver..?)was there before me and no changes were needed.Bugga!
Once again,firing up google and searching.
Come up with this parameters for the nvidia driver installation –x-module-path=/usr/lib/xorg/modules/

Apparently the root of evil seems to be that Xorg changes the directory hierarchy and the NVIDIA 8756 driver doesnt seem to know about it. It looks like the nvidia driver installs itself in /usr/X11R6 but the Xorg expect it in /usr/lib/xorg/drivers. Thanx to forgox,Michael_aust

Well,the trick worked just fine and xorg fired up nicelly.Heres the (weird) problem now.While on kde,i only see icons and no fonts at all.Nada!Hope i can get a clue somewhere and deal with this one too.

I think there’s a saying going something like this
A wise man isnt the one who knows everything.A wise man is the one who knows where to search
God bless you google:)

Edit:Ι ended up,reintalling the whole thing.And then tried to install the latest drivers(9755)but”my gpu isnt supported by them and i must try the 96xx ones”.So back to 8756,back to no-fonts-for-you-but-you-are-now-3D-accelerated problem.I give up for now since i m off for the next couple weeks and hopefully will be back with a new p5w dh deluxe for my every day computer:)

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